Addressing Addiction, Fostering Attachment
with Emotionally Focused Therapy
        July 27 & 28, 2018 • Seattle Washington

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In addition to my formal graduate education in psychology, I worked in inpatient
addiction treatment centers, experiential outdoor training facilities focusing on
the healing of addictive processes, and in outpatient intensive addiction programs
for more than six years before beginning my private practice as an experiential
psychotherapist in 1993. I began presenting workshops and trainings on
experiential psychotherapies the same year. I received 27years of mentorship
from one of the leading psychologists in the Atlanta psychotherapy community, Dr.
Kirk Lalor. By the time that I began training in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)
for couples in 2005, I had led dozens of trainings for psychotherapy professionals
and business leaders alike. By 2008 I became an ICEEFT certified trainer in the
model and was leading certification trainings throughout the Southeast. From
that time forth, I have presented trainings and workshops on EFT across North
America, and Canada. I have ardently worked toward integrating working with
addictive disorders through both traditional and experiential processes. This work
led me to create a framework for tailoring the EFT model to successfully treat
couples who present on the addictive continuum through a humanistic lens. In
doing so I have added a unique addition to this wonderful body of EFT education.
Most recently, I completed a 3-year research project implementing EFT into the
treatment regime at a metropolitan inpatient addiction hospital in Atlanta. The
data is currently being analyzed, and will hopefully be completed by the time that
I present to your community in November.